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I'm always keen to chat to people who want to be the best version of themselves.Drop me your details with any questions you may have about working with me!

I’ve been told that my story is inspiring but as with most things in life, I’m happy that I was given the opportunity to grow and test my resilience!

I have over 20 years experience

coaching athletes, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts from 10+ countries to maximise results from their training efforts. Having achieved the Master of Sport title, I also hold several accolades & certifications from Dragondoor coaching certification the Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, Strength & Conditioning Association, YMCA personal trainer to name a few.

I’m originally from Russia,

having left the country shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90’s, an extremely testing time. In this communist environment I was challenged from a very young age, with my parents pushing me through a spartan regime of arts, sport and academia. By my early 20’s I achieved a “Master of Sport” in swimming, had several competition wins and a University degree in Engineering. Did I mention I was a young mother at the time and taught aerobics and dance classes just to keep the lights on!?

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The resilience needed to leave my country, learn two languages, excel in both sports and academia set me up with ironclad discipline, mental toughness and a survival spirit. Combine that with my love for fitness and artistic self expression and you will understand why my coaching archives such spectacular results in an enjoyable way.

For the last 20 years

I have dedicated myself to the art of kettlebells, spending time with the best coaches in the world to become a true expert in my field. My passion in life is to use my creative talents and vast kettlebell experience to help my clients get the very best out of themselves. I’m incredibly passionate about passing on the techniques and learnings often missed by more generalist PTs.

At face value I’m tough, determined and extremely driven, however my passion, charisma and quirkiness are what set my coaching apart. I’ll push you, rebuke your excuses but we’ll have some serious fun doing it!




I work with the bold and the brave. Whether you're time poor or lacking in confidence, I've got a range of services designed to deliver body confidence one swing at a time. From 1-2-1 coaching through to virtual classes, you bring the drive and together, we'll take down your goals.

One swing at a time.

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